Corporate Secretaries and Governance


A Corporate Secretary also provides advice on corporate governance issues, particularly related to the re-election of directors and other shareholder action taken at Annual Meetings. Many shareholders, particularly institutional investors, view sound corporate governance as essential to board and company performance. The Corporate Secretary is usually responsible for a company’s Corporate Governance Principles or Guidelines. In some companies, the role of the Secretary as corporate governance adviser has been formalized, with a title such as Chief Governance Officer or Corporate Governance Officer added to their existing title.;

1. Board and Committee Meetings

2. Minutes of Meetings

3. Annual Meeting of Shareholders including the Proxy Statement

4. Corporate Records

5. Subsidiary Management

6. Stock Transfers and Dividends

7. Securities Market Listings and Compliance with Listing Standards

8. Compliance with Federal and State Governance Laws

9. Governance Liaison for Officers and Directors

10. Shareholder Engagement on Governance Issues