Company Registration

A Branch Office If you have a company registered in your home country and want to have a branch office in Thailand, we can set up your Thailand Branch for you within the framework of Thailand’s Foreign Business Law.


The main benefit of registering a branch in Thailand is the allowance of expense allocations to be made by the foreign head office to the Thailand branch.


A branch office of a foreign company is required to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand. The registration of a branch is more costly and time consuming than registering a Thai company limited. The main drawback with a registered branch in Thailand is that the branch is considered as the same entity as its foreign head office, which subjects the foreign head office to legal liability for actions of the branch in Thailand.

A Limited Company

A limited company registered in Thailand is a Thai company only if the majority of the shares are owned by Thais. If not, then that company is considered foreign according to the Foreign Business Law. The most popular company type for foreign investors to set up is a Thai Limited Company. This is similar to a Limited Liability Company in the United States. Thailand company registration of this type is managed by a minimum of 3 shareholders and at least one director. Non-Thais can own 49% of the shares in this type of company. In order to gain a controlling interest in the company, it is necessary to issue ordinary and preferred shares. Those who own ordinary shares legally have more voting rights than preferred shareholders. When you are looking for Thailand company registration, there are a number of steps that must be navigated. These include:

• Having between 1-2* million baht in registered capital

• Registering the company name

• Filing a Memorandum of Association

• Registering for Tax and VAT

• Use of internet banking to open a Thai account

• Thai work permit application

The total process of setting up a company here in Thailand takes 3-4 weeks!